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The Game Changer: Review

 In a world with many fads and diets, what is best? Food is medicine, but does that constitute to all foods? In the quest towards food truth about strength and performance, UFC fighter James Wilks speaks with athletes, public figures, hometown heroes, scientists, and researchers on the controversial topic of meat being the source of protein and strength in the 2018 documentary, The Game Changers

The documentary uses research and evidence to show that a plant-based diet is more nutritious and improves human performance better than eating meat. This stems from the food chain: plants are eaten by animals which are eaten by humans. The conventional belief of needing animal products is a large marketing bandwagon to manipulate consumers. Why should a person be secondary eaters when they can eat the source- plants? If plants can sustain an elephant, one of the strongest animals in the world, imagine the revolutionary changes it can have on a person’s life. 

Wilks discovers that a plant-based diet is superior not only for performance and strength, but for the totality growth of an individual. Those on a plant-based diet have better blood, composition, and hormone levels and less inflammation. But, how does one start this diet change? The documentary not only shows statistics and health research, but also exhibits examples of foods and step-by-step processes viewers can implement into their lifestyle. The film also has a website to aid in a successful transition. Watch now on Netflix. 

2 thoughts on “The Game Changer: Review

  1. Definitely, Sally! I was healthy-ish for the most part because my mom is a health coach. This year, I focused more on it and actually worked with someone (Dee at ). Apart from feeling good and being more conscious, I’ve lost over 10 pounds without exercising weekly. She has recipes and plans as well. There’s a may challenge going on if you’re interested as well. Happy reading!

  2. This is been something I always wanted to do because I have read so much about all the benefits. I am a burger and fries kind of a chic and lovee sodas. My typical breakfast is sometimes a coke and snickers bar. I will look at the recommended movie, thanks for sharing. You will definitely follow up with you,

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