High School and University

College Shopping List

This post includes affiliates. There is no extra charge to you when you purchase. You can read more about my disclosure in the footer. It’s that time again! Shopping for college is an entire ball game. It’s easy to bring too many items that you aren’t going to use or easily forget an important item.… Read More College Shopping List


Sleepwalking through Life

Have you ever sleepwalked? I never have. but I use to sleep talk. That sounds weird, right? It happens after an exciting or long day. When you sleepwalk, or in my case sleep talk, you’re not aware. The only witnesses are those watching you experience it. People may never know they sleepwalk unless someone told… Read More Sleepwalking through Life


Words without Actions

“So how is it that with all this caring, there are still so many hurting, anguished people? The answer is that a lot of the caring we see today is directed toward ideologies, not people.” Sensing the Rhythm by Mandy Harvey As this post waiting in my drafts, I had James 2 written under it. The… Read More Words without Actions


Striving for the best in everything

In life, there are many situations, scenarios, and hardships that will take a toll on one’s life. Whether it is a death in a family or even unforeseen circumstance of a job or a career change, situations such as these can produce negative actions and emotions. There are thousands of positive quotes, poems, books, and… Read More Striving for the best in everything


Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Now, I don’t know about you but, I remember choosing an influential person and making a poster about them! Below is one of mine from second grade. But, as I’ve grown, the acknowledgment of black culture has decreased. I remember even forgetting about the national holiday because of the lack… Read More Black History Month