High School and University

Tips for Online Classes

In high school, I took about ten online classes. Some were electives while others were college core subject classes. As a virtual student, there are multiple approaches and tips you should utilize to achieve a high grade! Print the syllabus When I began taking college credit online, I found printing the entire syllabus and/or copying… Read More Tips for Online Classes

High School and University

Choosing your Dorm

College is a big step compared to high school. There are so many new things going on! If you decide to live on campus, take these factors into consideration before you choose your residence hall! Location Location is everything in marketing amusement parks and hotels but, it also goes a long way! If your college campus… Read More Choosing your Dorm

High School and University, Life

Senior Year Checklist

As my junior year ends, I now have to think of senior year. The pivotal point of the high school years and the one that is desired with anxiousness and anxiety by students.

Making a goal or a list of tasks to accomplish from the summer before senior year to the end of the school year is a great visual to accomplish tasks. This helps as a mental breakdown of what to accomplish by when. Feel free to use this list as a guide!

Below is my list:… Read More Senior Year Checklist

Books, Movies, and Entertainment

The Summer I became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller

Madelyne Summers, one of those blonde cheerleaders that everyone fawns over, is one of the biggest comic geeks (sorry, nerd). No one knows this because she allows her passion to delve into comics during the summer. When the comic book cashier, Logan, finds out her secret and introduces her to other ‘nerdy’ things, will she continue denying eho she really is?… Read More The Summer I became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller