Earth is temporary

What a deep sentence and phrase. Earth is temporary. It’s true and one a lot of people doesn’t want to think about. My pastor talked about facing giants in our lives and chose this week to feature Abraham. His wife Sarai, later changed to Sarah, was childless until she was 87 years old. Wow! God… Read More Earth is temporary

Books Reviewes and Recs

Book Review: ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ by Travis Thrasher

God’s Not Dead 2, by Travis Thrasher, tells the story of Grace Wesley, a young, Christian, high school history teacher who answers a student’s question about Jesus during a classroom discussion. Other students, parents, and even the principal put Grace in the hot seat for answering such an ‘atrocious’ question, because it was about religion.… Read More Book Review: ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ by Travis Thrasher