High School and University

Graduating from College

It’s graduation season folks! My next step is graduate school while working.

During my two years, I gained a full college experience: I worked on campus and joined several clubs and organizations. I was able to grow spiritually, academically, and emotionally while ‘discovering’ myself. No matter how long it takes, whether you graduate early, take four years, or become a super senior, your journey is special and uniquely yours.

AP and Dual Enroll

In high school, I took over eight college classes including AP and dual enrollment. Since I graduated from high school, there are even more course offers for students. You’ll be able to get many prerequisites completed before entering college.

Summer Classes

If desired, take additional prerequisites during the summer. This allows your college semesters to be filled with core classes for your major. All of the summer classes I took were online.

Plan your Semester

I was able to keep myself accountable and plan my schedule accordingly. I didn’t wait for my advisor to tell me which classes to take. I realized there were classes that fit better than others and even some that should have been counted on my audit but weren’t. Be on top of this! If I wasn’t aware, I would have taken an extra class that didn’t count towards anything.

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