Face Care and Products

The products I use are vegan and all-natural. These products are better suitable for your skin because of the all-natural ingredients. The testing on humans rather than animals is not only morally right but also better suitable tests if you have skin conditions.… Read More Face Care and Products


Women in Aviation

Excerpts from my expository piece Have you ever met or seen a female in aviation? I’m sorry, let me be specific. Have you ever seen a female in aviation who was not a stewardess? Maybe a pilot? The 1900s were a turning point in aerospace through the success in flight. To fly a person in… Read More Women in Aviation


Travel Destinations

These are the countries and states I visited!   Create your own visited states map or check out the JavaScript Charts. Create your own visited countries map or check out the JavaScript Charts.


Inventing New Selves

A period of stereotypes filled the years following the emancipation of America. In return, blacks began to spiritually free themselves from the past definition into a transformative life; thus the New Negro was coined. Heroism in the arts became a key indication of progress such as the autobiography by Booker T. Washington and photography pieces… Read More Inventing New Selves


Pleasing People (2min)

Why do we try so hard? It’s in our being to try and please someone; ourselves, others, or the idea of perfection. This is something we constantly struggle with. We try to please people by the things we buy, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, and the slangs we use. Everything tries… Read More Pleasing People (2min)


Sleepwalking through Life

Have you ever sleepwalked? I never have. but I use to sleep talk. That sounds weird, right? It happens after an exciting or long day. When you sleepwalk, or in my case sleep talk, you’re not aware. The only witnesses are those watching you experience it. People may never know they sleepwalk unless someone told… Read More Sleepwalking through Life