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AP Class Tips

Around these months, high schoolers are deciding which AP classes they want to take or already know which ones they are challenging themselves to. There is a defined difference between AP and dual enrollment (DE). Advanced Placement (AP) classes are by College Board. Check out their full list of AP classes and suggest ones for specific… Read More AP Class Tips

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Senior Year Checklist

As my junior year ends, I now have to think of senior year. The pivotal point of the high school years and the one that is desired with anxiousness and anxiety by students.

Making a goal or a list of tasks to accomplish from the summer before senior year to the end of the school year is a great visual to accomplish tasks. This helps as a mental breakdown of what to accomplish by when. Feel free to use this list as a guide!

Below is my list:… Read More Senior Year Checklist

High School and University


As a junior, you should definitely take the SAT or ACT. Below, are the main differences as well as tips I suggest after taking both tests. This infographic is a helpful tool as well! SAT There are five test sections: reading, writing and language, two types of math sections, and a surprise section. The highest… Read More SAT vs ACT

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The Slangs of Today

As a high school student of this day and age, trends and slangs are ever changing. Hearing the slangs my peers say is so weird! In a few years, these would be a figment of one’s imagination. Some are food related such as raw while others, like dope, has a totally different meaning than before!… Read More The Slangs of Today

High School and University

AP vs DE

AP and DE are both college courses that high school students can take towards credit for their undergraduate years. At my school, these GPA boosters are equal in weight with a rigorous courseload but, what’s the difference?… Read More AP vs DE