Apple Fitness + vs. Peloton App

Since quarantine, I have been using more online fitness videos and workouts. I started using YouTube to search for fitness workouts, but wanted something specific for exercising. I signed up for a subscription trial for Apple Fitness + and Peloton. Below are my thoughts of the two:

Apple Fitness +

Workout class type: HIIT |yoga | core | strength | treadmill | cycling | rowing | dance | mindful cool down


  • Connects with the Apple Watch and Music
  • Recorded classes
  • One month free trial


  • Beginner-centered
  • Cannot fast forward
  • Lengthy introduction about workouts
  • No friends or challenges apart from the Watch rings
  • Works only with Apple Watch
  • Difficulty screen mirroring phone to Smart TV


Workout class type: strength | yoga | cardio | meditation | running | outdoor | cycling | stretching | tread bootcamp | bike bootcamp | walking


  • Live and recorded classes (with reminders and countdowns)
  • Two months free trial
  • Great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals (continuous growth)
  • Multiple monthly challenges and friend others
  • Pairs with Apple Watch (+ others) and shows on Smart TVs


  • Some Peloton-focused products centered in class

Many of the workout categories overlap in the other. For example, Peloton doesn’t have a HIIT category, but there are HIIT style strength and cardio classes. If you don’t have a fitness watch, you can still use either one. Overall, I love the Peloton app and will continue using it after the trial.

2 thoughts on “Apple Fitness + vs. Peloton App

  1. Ah, thank you, Sarah! I always appreciate your readership. Feel free to let me know which posts you would like to read in the future!:) Stay safe!

  2. Love it Jade, I miss reading your pieces!

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