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Since being in quarantine, I have taken better care of my face. I have a set routine that I do in the morning and evening. It’s not to say I didn’t have a method, but now, I rotate products and carefully apply it.

The products I use are vegan and all-natural. These products are better suitable for your skin because of the all-natural ingredients. The testing on humans rather than animals is not only morally right but also better suitable tests if you have skin conditions.

Most of the skincare I use comes from one brand! This is always a plus! The products last long as well because you only need a dime size.

I use this face wash (Super Fruit) every day. This was actually my first vegan and all-natural face product. I like the refreshing feel and fruity scent. It isn’t harsh on the skin. I am looking to try the one by Beauty by Earth.

I use this exfoliator three times a week! It not only makes your skin soft but also removes dead skin and dirt on your skin.

I have dry skin, so I use this moisturizer twice a day. Unlike others that I tried, my face doesn’t burn after using it. This is the only product I use that is specifically for dry skin.

I recently bought this clay mask! I use it once or twice a week. The clay hydrates rather than dry the face. Before using, you need to open your pores with warm water. Your face feels refreshed upon rinsing!

You can never go wrong with lip balm! Perfect for chapped lips; I love it because it shines your lips like a gloss while protecting like a balm.

When I wear makeup, of course in quarantine I haven’t been, I use this cleansing oil to remove it! My face is naturally dry, so this helps add oil to my face. Even if your skin is oily or normal, the cleansing oil helps keep the natural oils to prevent dryness while removing makeup and dirt. I also love using Bare Minerals makeup.

Let me know if you buy these products and how you like it! I’ve used this new routine collectively for a couple of months, for some over a year, and have seen results.

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