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2019 Current Trends

There are so many popular culture trends right now! It’s interesting seeing the documentation and trends by the end of the year. These quickly disperse and are a vague memory in a couple months. It’s easy to catch up with news and mash-ups with Alyson Stoner’s annual YouTube videos.

Here are some current trends:

  • Marvel brought out Avenger’s End Game. I haven’t seen the movie yet (sadly) and saw a spoiler (even worse!) but, I’m still anticipating watching it. Casts of the film were emotionally attached and anecdotal throughout the viewings.
  • Taylor Swift shared her single leading hints for her new album and upcoming tour. Her song Me features Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco. The song is all about self-worth and self-love.
  • Old Town Road by Lil Was X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus is a smash of country and rap. This song is everywhere!
  • Pink hair is the new blonde!
  • Old Disney is back and giving teens and adults alike childhood feels! Miley Cyrus is embracing her Hannah Montana hair. The Jonas Brothers are back together and will start touring after a decade, Brenda Song is on Disney again, and new spinoffs may be in the the works.

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