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My College Bucket List

As my freshman year looms closer, I decided to make a bucket list. I was inspired by posts of making bucket lists to accomplish and outline what I want to get out of my first year in college. I never made one for high school and as a visual person, I feel like I don’t have a memory of expectations. I don’t have the HSM inspired list of things to accomplish.

So, college is a fresh start to make one! These are in no particular order. Those in italics were completed. I’ll update the list so, check back!

  1. Join clubs
  2. Maintain a lifelong friendship
  3. Be a club officer
  4. Be the president of a club
  5. Maintain a relationship with a friend out of the country
  6. Sign up for a class that has nothing to do with my major
  7. Participate in school traditions
  8. Volunteer
  9. Use my ID for discounts
  10. Go to the farmer’s market
  11. Write for the campus publication
  12. Photograph and get involved creatively on campus
  13. Be active in the gym
  14. Do a workout class with a friend
  15. Watch the sunrise/sunset
  16. Befriend a college professor
  17. Avoid the freshman 15
  18. Go on a road trip
  19. Make the Dean’s List
  20. Get an on-campus job
  21. Get an internship/practicum
  22. Become a student leader
  23. Explore the city area with a friend
  24. Attend at least one game/match per sport
  25. Have a movie night with friends
  26. Have a game night with friends

What would you add to your list?

Some parts of my list were inspired by websites such as those linked below.

Odyssey Online



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