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Tips for Online Classes

In high school, I took about ten online classes. Some were electives while others were college core subject classes. As a virtual student, there are multiple approaches and tips you should utilize to achieve a high grade!

  • Print the syllabus

When I began taking college credit online, I found printing the entire syllabus and/or copying the due dates in my planner to be a lifesaver! The professor isn’t going to assist you every week and remind you of an assignment. You need to take control. When you have the due dates at hand, you can easily plan around holidays or busy days!

  • Use a planner

I’m going to reiterate this, planners are essential and important! They help with time management and prevent forgetfulness. All of my friends can vouch on how obsessed I am with planners!:) So, actually use yours! Cross off or highlight items you complete. Find a way to enjoy using it.

  • Take notes

This may seem like a no brained but, just because the class is online does not mean it will be easy. You actually have to read the online textbook and yes, taking notes will help in the class. Whether you decide to make this into a detailed notebook sheet or a a bullet point PDF file, have a systematic way of note taking for online classes. This also helps you get a head start on understanding your leaening style.

  • Made deadlines for yourself

This goes along with time management and the amazing usage of your planner! If you have a paper due at the end of the semester, begin finding research and gathering data to make the process easier. Even if you ‘work better under pressure’ having a head start on the basics or broad aspects of an assignment will not hurt.

  • Use the help center

If you decide to take an online college math, economics, or any other hard course like me, some topics may be challenging and difficult to understand. The con of an online class is having to explain and seek help to a teacher without the the hands on attention and easy accessibility. It may be harder to explain or understand the concept in a broad textbook and even more so your virtual teacher. Use your college resources, such as the help center, online library, or tutoring center! These are free tools for students to benefit you.

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