What’s the deal with Easter?

Easter. That one holiday where you went to church in the mornings, half-listened to a sermon and took communion with hundreds of people, and had a grand breakfast or dinner. When you were younger, you went Easter egg hunting and maybe ate chocolate from the ‘Easter bunny’.

But, Easter isn’t superficial or shallow to be based on animals or candy. There is a purpose.

See my sermon notes above

Before Jesus willingly went on the cross to pay for the sins and failures that we are currently making, made, and will make, the people chose to release Barabbas (read more).

Choice plays a big part in the Easter passage. Jesus chose to be the Savior and the Way to eternal life. This is why we don’t have to do sacrificial offerings for forgiveness. From the beginning of the Easter story to the end, countless amount of people are impacted not only today, but also back then.

My pastor made a good point; people like to say that they found Jesus but in reality, they didn’t. He was never lost- you were. He just opened your eyes to see His love.

Easter is so much more then what society shows. It’s so much deeper.

Easter songs:

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  1. Happy Easter Jade. This is a great write . It’s not only about the Easter bunny or Easter eggs but like you said our risen Saviour Jesus Christ. Definitely going to share !

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