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The Study in Charlotte review QA

I’m in an online book club via Instagram and Goodreads! It’s great for meeting other readers and discussing the chosen novel of the month! You can join by clicking either link! To start the year, we voted on The Study of Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro!

What is this book about?

Jamie, the great-grandson of Watson, goes to a boarding school in Connecticut. There, she meets Charlotte, the great-granddaughter of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Soon, the two must clear their names when several unforeseen circumstances take place. The family rivals soon become close friends in this adventurous mystery.

Do you have to read or know the Sherlock books to understand?

No. Sure, it will give you more background but, Cavallaro embedds the meaning and overall plot of the stories into the book.

What were your thoughts on chapters one thru three?

I enjoyed reading the narration from Jamie! It’s rare to read a book from a male’s POV. There is a great recap and narration however, I think I would enjoy it more if the POVs were alternating between him and Charlotte. Readers must piece together his view of her into the actual person. The characters and personalities were lively and realistic!

What were your thoughts on chapters four thru six?

The climax is definitely centered here! This mystery results in many deaths! I must mention this again, just as Jamie is kept in the dark of Charlotte’s POV, the readers are, unfortunately, as well. I feel like Elizabeth’s innocence is displaced. Lena would have been a better fit instead because the readers ‘know’ more of her background and care for her.

What were your thoughts on chapters seven thru nine?

There’s so much more depth in the plot. With every chapter, it becomes more intriguing and interesting! I think Jamie’s narration is better in this chapter.

What were your thoughts on chapters ten thru twelve?

I understand why Tom was chosen but, like Elizabeth’s character, I feel like they should have more background. Readers care about Lena but not them because of the lack of history. I’m surprised of the ending!

Final thoughts?

Overall, I enjoyed the book! I recommend this to mystery and non-mystery alike. The plot and climax will keep you invested and interested! Apart from the language and references, I thought this was written well?

Whose your favorite character?

Charlotte Holmes from the book trilogy. As I read, I was intrigued by Charlotte and the depth of her perception. Instead of choosing an obvious candidate, James Watson, the narrator of the story, I enjoyed filling in the gaps of Charlotte’s history as a sophomore.

Is there a clip I can watch?

Yes! I found this book trailer by Epic Reads that I enjoyed!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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