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Sensing the Rhythm by Mandy Harvey

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“The inspiring true story of Mandy Harvey—a young woman who became deaf at age eighteen while pursuing a degree in music—and how she overcame adversity and found the courage to live out her dreams.” (Goodreads)

For Christmas, my mom gave me this book that I wanted! I was extremely excited to read it!

The story begins with putting her life into perspective. Harvey writes in such a way as if she sat right in front of you and gave advice. Her friendly persona and kindheartedness are felt through the words. From the good, bad, and ugly, Mandy shares ‘chapters’ of her life that stood you.

Maybe, like me, you heard about Mandy Harvey from her audition on America’s Got Talent last season. She was Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer and made it to the top. I remember watching the episode, hearing her story, watching her sign, and sing an original and I was blown away. Or, maybe you haven’t heard about her. She is just one person that exhibits determination. Unlike many shows or books that try to gloss up the ugly and show only the good, Harvey explains the setbacks she had and the ways people got her through it.

Mandy touches on many topics including lack of faith, depression, the feeling and desire of giving up, definitions of success, disabilities, and the hypocrisy of those with faith. Her words of wisdom brought me into perspective on how influential I want to be and the type of legacy and impact I want to leave.

Harvey accurately writes her turning point of being a hearing college student to a deaf one.

My favorite part of the autobiography is the setup. At the end of every chapter, Harvey includes a synopsis of the chapter with the leading life lessons and encouragements to remember and take away. This is an act of giving you the tools you need to better your life through the application of the wisdom. I also love the quotes she includes at the beginning of every chapter and the microphone scattered on many pages as a way of uniforming the entire book.

There were so many life lessons that I’m undecided whether to annotate the book or bookmark my pages! I will bring this with me to college and beyond because of the intuitive and thought-provoking wording and advice she includes. She also wasn’t afraid of diving into controversial topics to provide the readers an opportunity to honestly think of the situation not as a participant but, as an overseer.

This novel is more like a book of encouragement as she includes her faith in God as the fuel of her drive. The photography in the book provides a closeness and intimacy that makes me adore her.

As one of my new favorite books, I believe this novel is perfect for everyone of any age and background. No matter what circumstance or hardships you’re going through, this will surely lift your spirits and encourage you as a guide! I recommend this because Mandy doesn’t include lessons she learned but also ways that we can apply the wisdom in our lives. 

Sensing the Rhythm: Finding My Voice in a World Without Sound by Mandy Harvey
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