About Me

      Hey there, I’m Jade and welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m a teen blogger with a love for storytelling, writing, and reading. When I’m not writing or browsing Pinterest, I love being with my amazing parents and bundle of energy Bichon!
My hobbies also include drawing and playing the piano. I’m currently studying English to become a teacher.
      So, why make a blog? Well, I wanted to impact and influence others one post at a time. From life to travel, I hope my site becomes a go-to location not only for advice but, to also get a better sense of knowing me through the topics!
      I was a lifestyle editor for an online newspaper for two years. I’m also a member of a writer’s association, honor societies, and leadership clubs. I won two statewide contests for my short stories; both of which are published in anthologies alongside New York Times bestselling authors and other renowned writers!
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Happy searching and reading 🙂

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