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Worthy by Donna Cooner

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Meet Lindsen, a shy girl who is comfortable being in the shadow of her best friend Nikki.

Soon, all of that changes when Linds becomes the prom publicist. Now, she’s with the Lovelies, or the popular group of girls, who are all running for prom queen!

When a new survey app called Worthy puts couples on display to be voted on the girl’s worth to the guy, what happens between Linds new relationship with baseball superstar Alex?

Who is behind the app and what will it take to stop them? It’s someone I never expected and I don’t think you will either.

I love this novel by Donna Cooner! From the feels of Alex to the truth behind the theme of self-worth, I recommend this novel to girls everywhere!

Never forget about your worth and beauty. You don’t need someone to tell you something that’s already true or is evident in you! It’s hard but, don’t let someone’s judgment dictate your actions.

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