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Nerve Book and Movie Review

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Nerve has action, adventure, thrill, and romance! I read the novel last year but saw the movie for the first time last month!

When a high school senior, Vee, gets sick of hiding in her best friend’s spotlight, she signs up for a game called Nerve.

Side note: The book and movie have separate details on how and why she joins the game as well as the events that occur. The two are completely different but, is worth while to enjoy.

I prefer the movie, however, because of the more modern depiction by the director and the choice of scenes used. Also, I like the monologues included by Vee (Emma Roberts) that was both empowering truth for a technological generation.

In the game, users can sign up to be a watcher or a player. Players compete against each other by completing crazy dares in hopes of getting to the finals. The game and it’s anonymous makers steal player’s information to use for dare ideas. For example, in the movie, Sydney, Vee’s best friend, is afraid of heights. Through the computer hacking system that Nerve can get through, her dare dealt with heights.

Side note: Again, the two forms of ‘Nerve’ goes their separate ways for the conclusion.

When Vee and Ian advance to the finals, what will happen? Who wins and who starts over? Will the game ever end?

I enjoyed Emma Roberts and Dave Franco who portrayed Vee and Ian perfectly! The chemistry and their personality make the film believable!

The film has a website where you can play a short version of the game here. The 2016 film is available for free for Prime users.

This can definitely be used as a learning piece: chase real joy instead of the temporary happiness of the ‘prizes’ (metaphorically speaking) in life.

There is also a motivational aspect that acts as a drive for Vee and Ian. See my post about motivation here.

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