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Keeping the Moon by Sara Dessen

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Keeping the Moon by Sara Dessen includes all the right messages for teens. Self-confidence, loving who you are, and standing up for oneself are all themes of this amazing story.

Nicole, or Colie, was fat when she was younger (or at least that’s what she thought). Her mother soon transformed into a diet and health motivator. Traveling the world and talking about her past ‘fat hears’ produced her mother’s career and branding. Now that Colie uses those shakes, meals, and exercises and is thin, she now closes herself off.

When Colie visits her aunt for the summer who is the talk of the town because of her weight and personality, how will Colie act? When a peer from her school makes fun of her, will she stand up for herself? Will her new friends at Last Chance be able to help Colie find her true self?

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