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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (book and movie review)

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Everything, Everything is about heartache and love. It’s about lies and truth. It’s about past and present, the future and dreams, reality and fiction. The story encompasses something so intricate and delicate that it can touch someone differently while still impacting them in the same way.

EE is about a girl: Madeline Whittier. As the narrator of the story, Maddy explains her condition (SCID, a rare immune disease), personality, and surroundings in a way that’s personal. Her scheduled life is flipped upside down when new neighbors move in next door. With a protective mother and a rare disease, Madeline doesn’t leave her house. Maddy grows found and curious of them. This grows when the two teens from next door knock on her door. What happens when Maddy contacts the boy from next door? Is she willing to risk everything?  This is about testing the limits and taking the risks you always think- ‘what if.’

View the trailer here. I saw the movie Everything Everything before being able to read the novel. Starring Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson, this film was perfectly directed! The chemistry and storyline align with the story! I loved the movie for the actors chosen to portray the characters and the emotion in every scene.

Written by Nicola Yoon, the book is everything the movie included and more! I loved the drawings and storyline. The characters were individualized each with a personality so different! Apart from love, many themes and lessons about life are brought up between Maddy and Olly including his reference of carousels. My favorite character is Maddy because she is someone that I can see myself befriending. The author enveloped Maddy to a three-dimensional level making her so realistic! By the end of the read, your heart will be aching for more Maddy and a someone like Olly!

If you’re looking for a read about adventure, comedy, love, and the quirks of a girl, I recommend Everything, Everything! I also recommend the movie! It is one of the few that includes 100% content from the book!

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