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Coin Heist (book and movie) Review

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Four teenagers from different cliques and social spectrums, Alice, Jason, Dakota, and Benny, decide to work together on a project. No, not just any project but a heist. The foursome each has their own reasons for wanting to break into a federal building. The one thing that they have in common is their Design class which is where the Operation EagleFly hatched.

So, what happens when they call it off after a fight? Is their “friendship” revolved on the money alone? 

Author Elisa Ludwig tells the story in four different point of views for the characters. This allows readers to get into the character’s mind and heart. Apart from the heist, each person is stressed with personal problems including within their family, financial, and image.

As you can see from the photo, there is an adapted Netflix original movie

The movie is entirely different in the details leading up to the entire plot of the story line. I think the characters were casted well amd depicted accurately. However, besides the characters who portrayed their character well, the entire movie is unrelated to the book besides the overall heist part. The movie rushes and skips needed parts that the novel explained and included perfectly. I personally did not lie it because of the many ‘mistakes’.

I definitely recommend reading the novel first if you want to watch the film!

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