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To Be Read (as of June 1)

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With exams in May, I wasn’t able to read as much as I would like to. This summer, I have a growing list of novels to read. Click here to see my Goodreads account. I’ll try to keep this updated!

Below is my list for the summer.

This book seems like it accurately depicts how some people imagine teenagers- dependent on the Internet. You see, according to the excerpt, Brooklyn Pierce considers herself to be ‘decisionally challenged.’ So, she goes on her blog and enlists people to make decisions for her.

  • Winning by Lara Deloza

I love the sassy and blunt voice of the main character. The voice by the author intrigued me to buy this novel, and I’m extremely excited to read this!

  • Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

This book is viewed to be reflective; make the reader think of themselves through the main character’s situations in her life. A reviewer summed the book to be a funny writer about a fun human being.

  • Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

This is an inspirational faith-based book used by many people in the I am Second videos. It was recommended to me by my teacher!

Must I explain? I became interested in this after seeing the movie trailer. Madeline is allergic to pretty much everything. With her mom and nurse, she stays indoors until she sees a family move in with a boy around her age. Then, is when everything changes. (Get it, everything, haha)  I saw the movie and loved it! I want to read the original book.

I was intrigued by the snippet in the first couple pages. Madelyne Summers, one of those blonde cheerleaders that everyone fawns over, is one of the biggest comic geeks (sorry, nerd). No one knows this because she allows her passion to delve into comics during the summer. When the comic book cashier, Logan, finds out her secret and introduces her to other ‘nerdy’ things, will she continue denying who she is?

A blind high school student goes to a mainstream school. Will doesn’t want a helper or ‘seeing companion.’ Later, a surgery that gives him the ability to see Cecilia, the girl he’s been talking to, reveals a feeling of betrayal because of the lies she said about her appearance.

Four teenagers plan to commit an illegal crime in the U.S. Mint. Will they get caught? What happens when their teacher finds out about their plan?

What’s on your list?

2 thoughts on “To Be Read (as of June 1)

  1. Thank you! Love and First Sight is a great read so far! A review on that novel is scheduled!

  2. I AGREE witH YOU LIST. I’ve actually only ever heard of Everything, Everything which I’ve read and Love and First Sight, which sounds so interesting! I hope you enjoy these books 🙂

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