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My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody

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This is the first book that I completed off my to be read list!

I found this book while in my local library. The synopsis on the back cover expresses the main character’s voice and mood throughout the entire story. Her personality is conspicuous in the paragraphs and makes you want to know more.

In a day, I went through Brooklyn Pierce’s life of ups and downs. I love the character because of how unpredictable and funny she is. In the novel, the fifteen-year-old takes upon random people via her blog to vote on her life choices. Why? She believes people can make a better decision for her life then she can. Through votes, Brooklyn’s wild thinking soon becomes tamed.

The people in Brooklyn’s life surprise her as she grows in maturity. She’s no longer the wild child who almost went to jail. I love that BB evolved into a better person.

My Life Undecided is a humorous novel about the power of friendships and choices including judgment and perception. I recommend this read to anyone interested in an intriguing and reflective story that will make you more aware of your choices in decisions and the power friends have in your attitude.

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