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Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

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Agh, this book is truly inspiring and beautifully written. The author did his research to make the story truthful and realistic!

No, I don’t think that the title gives away the entire book. Instead, two keywords are exposed to a greater meaning and plot. The story is a personal account with humor in it.

I love the deeper meaning of the importance of having self-respect, empowerment, and most importantly self-confidence. One character that can explain this is Will.

Sixteen-year-old Will Porter is blind. He wants to go to a regular school to prove that he isn’t characterized as being blind but instead that blindness is just part of him. Being born blind, Will has a strong sense of direction as he navigates his way through the hallways.

Will’s personality is amazing. He is funny and someone you’d want to talk to. In the story, you’ll feel uplifted and examine your perception not only on others but also on yourself.

Thanks to Nick, Ion (Harry Potter fans will love her), and Whitford, readers will learn several usages of the word mainstream, the history of checkers, as well as some other fun fact and “useless” tidbits.

From blind to sighted through two surgeries, the author truly captures you as Will questions whether he’ll judge someone on how they’ve treated him or how they look. I recommend this novel!

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