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Goodbye Summer

Today officially marks the end of summer as my new school year started today. Goodbye summer! It was well and fun. There were plenty of happy moments and memories that I will never forget.

My summer kicked off on June while in Europe. I went to Holland, Italy, and England, I’ve been to Holland and England before but not Italy. The weather was well and the people friendly.

In Holland, I visited many cities that I haven’t visited before. In Italy, my family and I went to Roma, Firenze, and Vatican City while in England, we encountered the outskirts including Stonehenge and Windsor. Out of the three countries, my favorite was and is England.

The next vacation spot was St. Maarten to visit family! During the stay there, I enjoyed a family friend’s wedding and my cousin’s graduation! Both were exciting and joyful moments. Besides those celebrations, a much-needed beach time and relaxation were appreciated and enjoyed.

As I conquer another school year, I look back at summer wondering when it disappeared to. Where did that exciting summer go? With these questions, I can answer with my new souvenirs, photos, and newfound memories!

This school year, I will be an even better student than previously. I won’t give up. Instead, I’ll give everything I have while being me.

Signing out, Jade

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