Top 7 Pinterest DIYs for health and beauty

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where teens and adults alike can pin clothes, recipes, crafts, hair tutorials, home decorating, and almost anything else lifestyle-related to their account. All of these helpful health and beauty savvy tips were found on the Seventeen Magazine and Girl’s Life Magazine Pinterest accounts.
Being healthy is more than just choosing to enjoy a homemade meal rather than one from a drive-thru. Health revolves around the total package of eating, hydration and keeping fit. Moreover, makeup doesn’t make a person beautiful– it’s the heart. Beauty is skin deep; for example, many foods contribute to the way in which someone’s skin acts. Pinterest has hundreds of beauty tips and nail tricks, but here are the top seven.

  1. Working out is extremely important in the long run. It might be tough and exhausting at first, but soon you will look fit and feel great! Without even going to the gym, here are 10 easy “no-workout” workouts from Seventeen, which include riding your bike around your neighborhood or doing the Star Pass in between commercial breaks of your favorite show.
  2. Drinking water is a health essential, but sometimes it can taste bland. Girl’s Life suggests five ways to make your water taste better, like making it into watermelon water or a raspberry mint drink. Recipes are included!
  3. Muffins are often one of the best go-to breakfast or snack options; this blueberry muffin recipe is incredibly healthy, especially when compared to the store bought variety. Don’t like blueberries? Exchange for carob chips, raisins or another fruit!
  4. Berries, water, green tea, and avocado are just four of the six superfoods that will keep your skin smooth and clear. No more using special moisturizers– instead, simply eat healthier.
  5. Use this lemon tea foot soak before polishing your toes to rejuvenate your feet and make them have a nice scent once you’re finished with your pedicure.
  6. Washing your hair should be easy… unless you’re making some of these common mistakes! Washing your hair every day and using silicon-based shampoos are just some hair mistakes to watch out for. Here’s a tip: when going to bed, always have your hair protected and covered.
  7. Using lemons, aloe vera or even coconut oil can get rid of noticeable acne scars. All of the details on why these products work, and how to use them are located on Girl’s Life.

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