Instructional Design Models

Instructional design models are vast in instructional design regardless of the domain. These models provide guidelines or blueprints of steps for designers to follow to achieve the result and goal. “ID models break down the phases of instruction planning to support” the systematic process and relationship of each phase (Johnson-Barlow, & Lehnen, 2021). All are… Read More Instructional Design Models

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Podcast Book Reviews

I am podcasting book reviews and recommendations for a more personal approach! Click the link below to see all the segments for my podcast titled, ‘It’s Lit- Book Talks!’ Books reviewed: Favorites Middle-Grade Non-Fiction Graphic Novels Young Adult Caribbean Inclusion Mystery/Thriller Romance Education-related


Joy vs Happy (1 min. read)

These two words are not synonymous, regardless of how many ways you use it. A person can be joyful while lacking happiness and be happy without joy. Joy I define this as a higher feeling that begins internally and is long-lasting. It is something that is marked on your soul and heart rather than your… Read More Joy vs Happy (1 min. read)