Going through the Motions

I don’t wanna go through the Motions. I don’t wanna go one more day. Without Your all consuming, passion inside of me. “The Motions” by Matthew West I don’t know about you but my system has been go to school, do work, sleep, and repeat. This systematic way of living blended with previous days that… Read More Going through the Motions


Worthy by Donna Cooner

Meet Lindsen, a shy girl who is comfortable being in the shadow of her best friend Nikki. Soon, all of that changes when Linds becomes the prom publicist. Now, she’s with the Lovelies, or the popular group of girls, who are all running for prom queen! When a new survey app called Worthy puts couples… Read More Worthy by Donna Cooner


The Story of Love

Love is a feeling so powerful that it can dictate your actions.  Everyone in this world wants to find love. Whether that be a parent, friend, or significant other, people naturally have a desire to love and be wanted. The thing is, we already are before we were even thought of.  It was written in… Read More The Story of Love


What’s your Motivation?

As we go about our day and years, our motivation for living and existing can get blind sighted. Is your motivation on pleasing God or making people happy? Both can make someone happy and can easily be confused. Trust me. You may go about your day realizing that you’re not happy. That void is God.… Read More What’s your Motivation?